At Dust-B-Gone, we accept custom hardwood flooring orders. This includes matching competitors colors to your personal furniture & cabinets. We manufacture our own flooring, from rough lumber to a finished, ready-to-install product. This means we can match any species, stain and finish to your exacting specifications. We offer quality craftsmanship, specializing in Dustless Sanding and refinishing, installation of all hardwoods, laminates and exotic designs, as well as trim and millwork, marble polishing, tile and grout cleaning, in Ontario and surrounding areas.


Hardwood flooring is a beautiful addition to any interior. Elegance, durability and long lasting beauty make hardwood flooring ideal for any commercial and residential applications. When it comes to hardwood floor installation, you can:
● do it yourself;
● hire professional floor installers

Hardwood installation is not an easy task and it's better to entrust it to experienced and skilled floor installers, unless you're not an experienced DIY'er. Professional hardwood floor installation requires skills, precision and attention to details, but the result is worth the effort! Hardwood flooring installation will enhance any interior with natural beauty. Dustbgone specializes in hardwood flooring installation in Toronto and Mississauga areas. We offer professional flooring installation services for commercial and residential clients in Mississauga and Toronto.

Hardwood flooring is a beautiful and long lasting investment. Regular maintenance will preserve your hardwood flooring for a long time. Hardwood flooring is durable to foot traffic, stains, scratches, etc. Moreover, it's very original and beautiful: with hardwood flooring no two boards are the same. Our skilled and experienced workers guarantee high quality flooring installation services. Here at Dustbgone we are dedicated to providing a high quality hardwood flooring installation. Moreover, we guarantee the most affordable prices for hardwood flooring installation in Toronto and Mississauga.

A new wood floor is an investment that will last a long time. We will work with you and help you make an informed decision about the product that best suits your needs. We will show you a variety of wood samples to help you in making a choice.

We provide the following hardwood floor installation services:
● Unfinished Floor Installation
● Pre-Finished Floor Installation
● Parquet Floor Installation
● Here are some tips for installing a hardwood floor
● Baseboards and Quarter Rounds
● Kitchens


Hardwood flooring is one of the most beautiful and natural floor coverings that make even the simplest interior unique and stylish. Unfortunately, everyday wear and tear, dirt, moisture and foot traffic are factors that damage even the most durable hardwood flooring. Protective maintenance, such as floor refinishing, allows protecting hardwood flooring from damages and spoilage. Floor refinishing protects hardwood from dirt, scratching, stains and spills.

Dustbgone provides the highest quality floor refinishing to meet all your hardwood needs. We offer professional refinishing services for commercial and residential clients in Toronto and Mississauga. Whether you are looking for a new floor finishing or want to renovate your old one, Dustbgone offers full range of floor finishing solutions for your needs. Floor refinishing guarantees effective protection, long-lasting results and minimal maintenance. High quality floor refinishing will not only protect your floor, but also enhance it with natural shine and attractive color. Dustbgone provides efficient hardwood refinishing solutions to make and keep your hardwood floor beautiful. Our hardwood refinishing services are available in Toronto and Mississauga areas.

In many older homes hardwood floors are hiding under carpet and other materials. If you have carpets in your home you might want to consider the potential health hazard for your children and yourself. Carpets act like a spunge, they suck up dust, dirt and bacteria. Small particles are trapped in the carpet causing alergies and potential illnesses. Hardwood floors will decrease dust and bacteria creating a more healthy environment for everyone.

Here is the harwood floor refinishing process:
● Floor Preparation
● Sanding
● Staining
● Finishing


Staircases are built strong however years of wear and tear can damage even the toughest of stairs. You want to be sure your stairs are in a sound condition as loose handrails can cause accidents and injury. Dustbgone will repair and refinish your stairs adding beauty and elegance to your home. Stairs require precision work and is mostly done by hand. Dustbgone will repair and refinish your stairs at an affordable price. Talk to one of our estimators about what can be done to repair any damage to your stairs. If your stairs have carpet on them, chances are that the wood underneath is fairly damaged and may require replacement.

Stair Service is the place to purchase online quality stairways stair and handrail parts and complete systems. Our goal is to be a complete stairway resource, assisting in component selection, system design, fabrication, installation, building codes, as well as providing easy access to a complete line of quality stairways and handrail products.

Our Stairs Service
● Design
● Engineering
● Fabrication
● Materials
● Installation

We can stain to your choice, prefinished plus unfinished hardwood, that we install on the job in widths from 3 1/4" up to 10"
● Species include maple, oak, cherry, ash and Brazilian cherry.
● We can be done at a low cost to you.
● Supplies for the installation of your hardwood are: wax paper for tight installation, and 2 in staples

Unfinished hardwood is the best way to go, since the stainpenetrates deeper into the wood, plus all the finishes, sealers and hardeners combine to make the wood last longer and maintain its colour-up to forty year before it needs refinished.

We can supply Maple, Oak in size's 3/8*1 1/4 - 3/8*1 1/2 -3/8*1 3/4. We also can supply your hardwood stain it to finish with a stain colour of any 48 colours that we have in stock.